How to minimize memory/CPU on embedded ARM64?


Hi - we’re running InfluxDB to collect time series data on a limited ARM64 board. We’re finding that memory usage frequently climbs above 280Mb and it’s choking RAM access off for other applications. This seems like an excessive amount, as our data is not particularly complex nor voluminous, nor are we using continuous queries or I’m sure very many other features.

Being new to InfluxDB, I’m wondering if there are best practices somewhere we can use to reduce its footprint?


What version of telegraf are you running and can you post your config file so we can repro/track this down?


We aren’t using Telegraf… just InfluxDB.

Though we did figure out how to disable inmem indexing and are now using disk-backed indexes. This has dropped our memory usage down to < 50Mb which is a huge improvement. Additional optimizations would be welcome!