Telegraf loop over table content

I have a PDU with data exposed via SNMP like in the following example:

Settings Table:

MIB::deviceName.10001.1 = STRING: deviceABC
MIB::deviceLocation.10001.1 = STRING: deviceLocation
MIB::deviceName.10002.1 = STRING: deviceXYZ
MIB::deviceLocation.10002.1 = STRING: deviceLocation

Inputs Table:

MIB::kWhTotalI.10001.1 = INTEGER: 1234
MIB::actualVoltageI.10001.1 = INTEGER: 230
MIB::kWhTotalI.10002.1 = INTEGER: 5678
MIB::actualVoltageI.10002.1 = INTEGER: 230

Is it possible to loop over two tables using the SNMP plugin and actually writing one measurement entry into InfluxDB for each entry (10001 and 10002)?
Should I better stick to a script to do this?


You should be able to do this with the plugin, I think it is similar to this example