Custumization of Snmp Tables

hey there, I’m new to influxdb and telegraf and I want to build a dashboard for monitoring the power consumption for a Raritan PDU.
How could I customize the table of snmp variables, I want to display the table as follow:
outlet Label | outlet Name | Active Power | Current Power
I can get these each one as field but it doesn’t work so I try to get the table that contains the needed fields with additional. How can I get the last form?

Please Help and Thanks

the telegraf.conf is:
oid =“PDU2-MIB::outletName”
name =“Name”

@Hipska any thoughts on this one?

thanks for replying, I tried a lot in telegraf but unfortunately no luck. First,I saw this article problem but I couldn’t make use of it (cause it require the name and values in the same table which are not in our case). So I’m starting to learn python to do the task.
it would be great if any one can help me.
Thanks in advanced.

Could you show documentation to the MIBs of these snmp 2 tables you want fields from? If we are lucky we can join them easily.

PDU2-MIB.txt (537.6 KB)
this is the MIB file it contain all the information I need.

Thanks for the MIB, but could you explain which 2 tables you want to join?

Did you also have a look at Telegraf SNMP complex table query - #2 by jose-d?