Telegraf installation on AIX

Hi Team,

I’m working on implementation of a monitoring tool for our On-premise customers. We were in process of creating POC. We are able to receive metrics from Windows and Linux instances. Now we are facing a challenge while installing telegraf on AIX. We know that Telegraf officially doesn’t support AIX platform but we might be able to run by compiling with Gccgo.

Is there any doc or reference that talks about installation of telegraf on AIX?
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Hi Babu ,

please see the discussion here …

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I have written njmon to fill the gap for AIX. njmon is a data collector in C for AIX and VIOS. The JSON data collected is injected into InfluxDB via a Python client called
It is all open source code and pre-compiled binaies from nmon for Linux | Site / Njmon
See Youtube