Monitor services on AIX and AS400

Can we install telegraf on AIX and AS400?

We are in search of a monitoring tool that can be able to monitor our AIX and AS400 systems.

Hi ,

unless it has changed AIX is not supported ,
please see here

and for the available downloads of telegraf :

Go 1.12 is slated to support AIX. The release notes haven’t detailed the AIX port yet, but they should be here when ready:

At that point, I assume you’ll be able to at least build telegraf from source for AIX.

Repeating my comment from a telegraf issue in case anyone wants to try building telegraf for AIX today:

AIX support in Go is expected to land in Go 1.12, coming out in February. You can try building Go from source, or wait for the first Go 1.12 beta, so that you can cross-compile telegraf for AIX.

Once you have an installation of Go that supports AIX, I believe you would just run GOOS=aix GOARCH=ppc64 go build ./cmd/telegraf to produce a telegraf binary that can run on AIX.

Por P-Systems .

You can use this tool to get data from HMC servers , and also has a nmon parser to get data from ssh

you can also use its docker image