Telegraf & HP 1910 Switches

Hello All,

I’ve been using telegraf and have been successfully using it with various HP switches.

I’ve been collecting data via snmpv3, however I have now started trying to collect data for HP1910 switches.

I’ve set up the switch the same way, and have set up telegraf to match the authpriv & protocols, sec name etc.

However when I run the telegraf --test I get the following:

2017-12-20T13:29:28Z E! Error in plugin [inputs.snmp]: agent performing get on field uptime: Incoming packet is not authentic, discarding

Does anyone know why this might be?

I have tried using SNMPv2 and it works fine, I’ve also tried SNMPv3 with noauthnopriv and that also works. I think I’ve ruled out typing in the password incorrectly by typing extremely slowly!


That error comes from the GitHub - gosnmp/gosnmp: An SNMP library written in Go library.

Take a look at the code

If you look at the snmp plugin parameters, it says that auth_protocol is “MD5”, “SHA” or “”, with the value “” as default for SNMPv3. I think isAuthentic function verifies if the packet uses MD5 or SHA.

So, it’s probably a configuration error on the snmp plugin and maybe also on the switches.

Thank you for the prompt and detailed reply.

Below is the current telegraf configuration. I’ve reduced it to just auth to try and rule out that first.

#HP 1910 TEST

agents = [ “” ]
version = 3
auth_protocol = "SHA"
auth_password = "apassword"
sec_level = "AuthNoPriv"
sec_name = "testusr"
name = “1910SwitchesSNMPv3”

On the HP Switch side
SNMPv3 is on
There is a group called “test” with Auth/NoPriv and the default HP view.
There is a user called “testusr” in the “test” group with the authentication mode set to SHA and the password entered.

Telegraf fails on using this, however I just tried an snmpwalk, and that did return information.

I eventually found out why. These switches have a limit of 256 Ip addresses for the ARP table.

The machine I was querying with was in the table, The Telegraf machine was not, We have quite a large flat network! Turning off Promiscuous ARPs on these switches fixed the issue.

Thank you for the help