Telegraf doesn't perform snmp walk

Hi there,

I want to configure the Telegraf that he performs an snmp walk and not an snmp get.
I already tried many ways to do it but it doesn’t seem to work and everytime I check the database to see the results there is only one dataset in there.
So let’s say the interval is 5 minutes: it only collects one dataset every 5 minutes buts it should collect all datasets every 5 minutes.

The config currently looks like this:
name = “some_name”
oid = “…”
oid = “…”

expected behavior:
It collects more datasets than just one. For example my oid is “” then I also want telegraf to
collect the stuff at"", “” etc. too.
That means it should get more datasets with one execution (for example after start of telegraf, the
first collection) and put it in my influxdb like:
time | integer | some_random_value
900… | 145 | 130
900… | 159 | 160
900… | 80 | 95

actual behavior:
Telegraf only collect one dataset each execution (for example after start of telegraf,
the first collection), which looks like this in influxdb:
time | integer | some_random_value
900… | 145 | 130

Thanks in advance

Hello @_ZHAD,
I’m not sure. I’m looping in a Telegraf expert.

Hi @_ZHAD, can you please try the nightly build?

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Nightlies are found here:

Mya and others have made a lot of updates to the SNMP plugin recently and we want to see if that helps your situation. If not, please include your full telegraf config and Telegraf logs.


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I’d like to retreive datas from my Mikrotik routers too (simple queue’s name, oid :: ., but depending of creation order, “x” is different and incremented. I can’t know which value will have “x”, but I maybe that if I can “walk”, I can select my value on STRING based field.