Telegraf custler

Hi. We using telegraf + influx + grafana for monitoring (snmp,ping) our network, but we are out of performance and we want add an another telegraf server to the custler. Is there any way to add a new telegraf server to the custler and auto loadbalancing between two telegraf server?

Hi @juhoss welcome to the community ,

I have never heard of a telegraf auto loadbalancing option ,
maybe this is what you can use ?

collection_jitter : Collection jitter is used to jitter the collection by a random interval. Each plugin will sleep for a random time within jitter before collecting. This can be used to avoid many plugins querying things like sysfs at the same time, which can have a measurable effect on the system.

No, that’s not what i mean. I want a make one master telegraf server who stores the configuration, balancing probes, and multiple child telegraf servers who runs the probes and instert the data to the main influxdb. But as i see, there is no option for this, so i need to script to balance configuration.