Telegraf-Active mq plugin Issue


Hi im using ActiveMq plugin in telegraf and im only getting the following measurments

Cannot seem to find subscriber

config below

On Influx


Also how can i get further information like we do from JConsole. Is this possible via Telgraf ?
How many consumers connected (count and names per Queue), how many producers connected(count and names per Queue) and also Attributes per Queue


This plugin uses the data from the REST API:

curl -u admin:admin
curl -u admin:admin
curl -u admin:admin

We could add additional fields to the plugin if they are shown on these pages, just open a feature request on the Telegraf github page. If the subscribers page above shows subscribers then its probably best to open a bug report.

Another option available is to install Jolokia and use the jolokia2_agent plugin, this should give you access to all of the JMX attributes but is a bit more involved to configure.