Monitor specific vhosts with RabbitMQ Input plugin


I’m pretty new to Telegraf and am exploring different plugins. Wondering if it is possible to monitor specific vhosts in RabbitMQ.


The rabbitmq plugin currently monitors all vhosts the user has access to, but you could setup a user with access only to the resources you are interested in.

Hi @daniel,

Thanks for your reply. Understood and that is what I have right now. Now a different question, is it possible to have more granular metrics per queue? For example rabbitmq_overview_connections_queueA, rabbitmq_overview_messages_ready_queueA, rabbitmq_overview_messages_published_queueA, rabbitmq_overview_messages_unacked_queueA, rabbitmq_overview_messages_acked_queueA, rabbitmq_overview_messages_delivered_queueA and similarly for queueB, queueC, etc?

I think there are metrics for these and a rabbitmq_queue measurements tagged by queue with similar metrics. The exact names are in the README.

I didn’t really understand. Are there any videos which can get me started with Telegraf? I’m specifically evaluating telegraf to see if I can monitor specific queues in a RabbitMQ host - metrics like at a certain point there are no consumers on a queue for long, the number of unacknowledged messages is too high, get the count of messages ready etc and take decisions based on these metrics.

There is a good introductory webinar recording downloadable here. The metrics you are interested are gathered on a per queue basis, so it should be possible to write the queries you need.