Telegraf 1.26: Problem with input.internet_speed on Linux

after the update to Telegraf 1.26 I realized that the input plugin ‘internet_speed’ in the host field no longer contained the host name but the address of the test server used.

Since I have performed the update on all Linux computers and not yet on my Windows computers, I’m ‘lucky’ that my Windows computers are still supplying data, since I’m still using version 1.25 under Windows.

I know that bugs are more likely to be published on github, but I can’t access my account there at the moment…it would be nice if you could fix that as soon as possible.

When I try to test with ‘sudo telegraf -test -config /etc/telegraf/telegraf.conf --input-filter internet_speed’
I’ll get the following result: ‘internet_speed,,server_id=6219 download=82.996418,jitter=39.960855,latency=161.072278,upload=48.073824 1678872768000000000’

@WifiMoose can you please open an issue!?

I think it’s all due to the update on the speedtest-go package (PR #12707).

My guess is that the host tag @WifiMoose is talking about is the local hostname which is present in the default telegraf config (agent section) and not part of the plugin to begin with.

Seems like the addition of the new tags host and server_id (of the plugin itself) have actually overridden the “generic” tag host (representing the PC itself)

#Telegraf 1.25.3
internet_speed,host=QDLP03 download=142.37877559592192,latency=24.13065,upload=17.010222891462274 1678880362000000000

#Telegraf 1.26.0
internet_speed,,server_id=21160 download=168.954956,jitter=1.185362,latency=26.025385,upload=17.760916 1678880125000000000

Issue 12876
Fixed via 12877

@Giovanni_Luisotto : … that was exactly my assumption!