I am trying to use the input plugin to ping a couple of hundred hosts.

I keep getting
2018-02-12T15:48:15Z E! Error in plugin []: Command timed out.

Does the plugin ping hosts consecutively or multiplex the ping to mulitpule hosts at the same time?

So If I want to ping 500+ hosts what do I have to do in order to ping all the hosts and not generate errors/gather statistics from every host.

I did some more research and doing a ps -ef|grep ping on the command line appears to show that each host gets it’s own ping command spawned.

It also appears that " Error in plugin []: Command timed out." is because two of the hosts where offline. Is there any way to show which hosts are causing the to time out?

I doesn’t look like there is a way to see which host is timing out, could you open an issue on the Telegraf github?

am going to use PING for 100+ hosts, so far was testing with about 10 machines.

In case of timing out or host is not available, can’t we use DEADMAN in this case ?

Thanks, I submitted #3816