Questions on [[inputs.internet_speed]]

Hi all,

I have activated the measurement of an internet connection with the following code:

# Monitors internet speed using service
## Sets if runs file download test
## Default: false
# enable_file_download = false

I have the impression that it really slows down my internet speed. Any similar obervations?

When I look at the data, the test is run every minute. Is it possible to change the run interval? e.g. to 15 minutes?

Thanks for your help!


By default Telegraf will collect all inputs every 10 seconds. For the internet speed test, this is not very useful and results in a very, very slow connection. You can see an interval on a per-input plugin basis. I would suggest setting the following to only run the internet_speed test very hour:

    interval = "1h"
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I was not successful with this. :frowning: After adding

interval = "15m"

it is no longer running at all. At least no values arrive in the database. Even after restarting Telegraf.

Any other ideas?


You are going to need to provide some more details. At the very least provide the full config you used + the Telegraf logs.

For example, I used this config:

  omit_hostname = true


    interval = "15m"
./telegraf --config config.toml --debug
2022-03-03T14:39:15Z I! Starting Telegraf 1.22.0-21f60512
2022-03-03T14:39:15Z I! Loaded inputs: internet_speed
2022-03-03T14:39:15Z I! Loaded aggregators: 
2022-03-03T14:39:15Z I! Loaded processors: 
2022-03-03T14:39:15Z I! Loaded outputs: file
2022-03-03T14:39:15Z I! Tags enabled: 
2022-03-03T14:39:15Z I! [agent] Config: Interval:10s, Quiet:false, Hostname:"", Flush Interval:10s
2022-03-03T14:39:15Z D! [agent] Initializing plugins
2022-03-03T14:39:15Z D! [agent] Connecting outputs
2022-03-03T14:39:15Z D! [agent] Attempting connection to [outputs.file]
2022-03-03T14:39:15Z D! [agent] Successfully connected to outputs.file
2022-03-03T14:39:15Z D! [agent] Starting service inputs
2022-03-03T14:39:25Z D! [outputs.file] Buffer fullness: 0 / 10000 metrics
<snip duplicates>
2022-03-03T14:44:55Z D! [outputs.file] Buffer fullness: 0 / 10000 metrics
2022-03-03T14:45:00Z D! [inputs.internet_speed] Found server: [8182]     3.70km 
Boise, ID (United States) by Sparklight
2022-03-03T14:45:00Z D! [inputs.internet_speed] Starting Speed Test
2022-03-03T14:45:00Z D! [inputs.internet_speed] Running Ping...
2022-03-03T14:45:00Z D! [inputs.internet_speed] Running Download...
2022-03-03T14:45:05Z D! [outputs.file] Buffer fullness: 0 / 10000 metrics
2022-03-03T14:45:09Z D! [inputs.internet_speed] Running Upload...
2022-03-03T14:45:15Z D! [outputs.file] Buffer fullness: 0 / 10000 metrics
2022-03-03T14:45:18Z D! [inputs.internet_speed] Test finished.
internet_speed download=62.05078021802089,upload=54.918414480943824,latency=21.998767 1646318719000000000

Took around one hour and then it started to work :slight_smile:

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