Streaming of data to Influx IOx from Influx 1.7

I have a automation system where that have a function that stream data to InfluxDB version 1.7. I have InfluxDB 1.7 installed on a small Linux machine in Google Cloud, and this has been working fine the last 4 years. I have four of these automation system where I stream data from, and each system have their own database in my InfluxDB 1.7 setup. I want to explore the possibility to stream all data from all four databases from the InfluxDB 1.7 environment to InfluxDB 3.0 cloud instance. Anyone that can point me in a direction how this is done ? If I succeed with this I want to have a limited history of data in the InfluxDB 1.7 setup, the databases are now set to “autogen”.

I have tried to posy this issue on Slack as well , and one suggestion was to try sending data directly from my automation system to Influx IOx cloud. I have tried several times without success.

I really want to have my data safely secured in Influx IOx and are reaching out for support.