Still can't get influxdb 1.8.7 working on Rasp Pi

I apologize if this post belongs elsewhere. I have been attempting all the chmod and chown suggest by folks in the threads…

but I still can’t get 1.8.7 influxdb service to start on Rasp Pi.

What needs to be done? Thank you.

Have you tried the “sleep for 10 seconds” workaround?


@Pooh - thank you. I really like your handle! After revolving a naked chicken 3 times around my head (such is debugging…) I then went into the script and cluelessly changed sleep 1 to sleep 10 …

and influxdb started.

I very much appreciate your help. Thank you.

not sure if this might help, but there was a version of influxdb that had issues with the user of influxd. You might also need to make sure that the user and group of all the influx files (data, meta, and wal) belong to the correct user (think it is influxdb??)