Raspberry Pi Influx issues (1.8.7-9)

well, since the 1.8.7-1 update things have gotten really frustrating on the Pi distros. I updated to the 1.8.7-1 and encountered the startup script issue and some random crashes with “out of memory”, but things settled down. i just updated to the 1.8.9-1 release and influx would not start. I was getting out of memory errors and also seg faults. I’m not using inmem, as that can cause out of memory issues. Since it wouldn’t start I decided to just rebuild the indexes completely. well, the service will not start via systemctl, but I can log in as influxdb user and start a screen session and start the script and things are fine.

I’m really hoping this gets fixed soon, it’s frustrating

OS: raspberry pi - Linux 5.10.52-v8+ aarch64
influxdb: InfluxDB v1.8.9 (git: 1.8 d9b56321d579)
memory (with influxdb running):
MemTotal: 3886104 kB
MemFree: 189072 kB
MemAvailable: 2400196 kB
PI: Model : Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.1
DB Storage: /dev/sda1 (usb attached seagate 1TB ssd)
/dev/sda1 usage: 2% used (17G)

So, following up on some other links in github, it seems that others changed the systemctl type from forking to simple and it fixed things

i just did the same and the service starts up fine using systemctl

  1. edit systemd/system/influxd.service
  2. change “Type=forking” to “Type=simple”
  3. run systemctl daemon-reload
  4. verify that no influx process is running (ps aux | grep influx)
  5. start influxd, systemctl start influxd.service

Well, looks like influx choked again this morning. Migration to another db may be soon.

Hello @influxian,
I’m sorry you’re having problems. Have you tried upgrading to 2.x? Why do you need to use 1.x?