stateDuration with Batch Tickscript not working


Kapacitor Version: OSS 1.5.0

Batch Tickscript takes the average.
It targets data points above 15% if true then trigger the alert and store data into influxdb.

Below tickscript neither triggers an alert nor stores data in influxdb.
What did i miss?
Also see attached snippet of the measurement, tickscript reading data from.

|query(’’‘SELECT MEAN(Percent_Processor_Time) AS “Critical_Process_Avg_CPUTime” FROM “my_influxdb”.“two_hours”.“Process” WHERE instance != ‘_Total’ and instance != ‘Idle’ ‘’’)
|eval(lambda: “Critical_Process_Avg_CPUTime”)
|stateDuration(lambda: “value” >= 15)
.warn(lambda: “state_duration” >= 1)
.crit(lambda: “state_duration” >= 2)
.message(‘Attention Process CPU is High, High_Avg_Process_CPU_Time={{index .Fields “value”}}, Process ={{ index .Tags “instance” }}’)