Showing future date and time in Chronograf

Dear All,

I am using InfluxDB to store the data, which I forecasted for the next 8 hours using the LSTM algorithm.

When I inserted the data to InfluxDB, it is taking the current date and time.
So In chronograf it is showing it based on that date and time.

Since It is forecasted I wanted to show the future date and time. Is there any way I can manipulate the visual representation?

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Hello @varun.kadur,
Please try something like:

SELECT value FROM cpu_load_short WHERE time > now() and time < now() + 8h

Thanks for response. Actually I wanted to show future time on X axis of chornograf.


Hello @varun.kadur,
I believe the query above should do that. Is it not working for you?

That example should work just fine. Here is a similar result:
SELECT mean(“usage_system”) AS “system”,
mean(“usage_user”) as “user”,
mean(“usage_idle”) as “idle”
FROM “telegraf”.“autogen”.“cpu”
WHERE host = :host: and time > :dashboardTime: AND
time < now()+24h and “cpu”=‘cpu-total’
GROUP BY time(:interval:) FILL(null)

and the associated image.

But, I believe your problem isn’t the visualization it is the timestamp. You must supply the timestamp otherwise InfluxDB will use the current timestamp for data points received. Yes, it certainly can be a future timestamp!

So, the question becomes …during the forecasting process, how can you capture the timestamp as part of the LSTM process so that this can be fed into InfluxDB?

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Thanks for your response.

Yes. You are right,The problem is with how I can insert forcasted data with future date.

It is always taking current system time in UTC format. If I can able to insert record with future time my problem can be solved by select query.

I am not sure how to insert record with future time to InfluxDB