Can you visualize into the future with chronograf or other

Hi there I am logging predictive data into influxdb is there a way one can visualize with chronograf or other visualization software… from what i tried it seams you can not - perhaps I am just missing something…
I generate predictive info for the next 48 hrs … sure my data is in influx but I can only see my predictive data as the real time comparative data lines up and can not visualize into the future

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Not generally a good idea but you could set the system time on your InfluxDB server two days in the future!
Alternatively, change the data before adding it to InfluxDB, so year 2021 becomes 2001 then graph a period 20 years in the past!

thank you for the suggestion. a bit messy but doable . maybe not changing the time on the influx db but the time on the computer that hosts the visulization software