Show measurement and show tag keys from measurement --> Not working correctly


I created new measurement with name “new_msr”, by inserting the below query in CLI in existing DB - database_phone
–> insert new_msr,device=android,version=8,model=samsung score=200

  1. After that, I used “show measurements”, it DOES NOT showed my new measurement
  2. I used SELECT clause, --> SELECT * from new_msr, It listed the above record correctly
  3. I used --> SHOW FIELD KEYS from new_msr, --> showed “score=200”, correctly
  4. But, I used --> SHOW TAG KEYS from new_msr --> Does not showed anything
  5. I used EXPLAIN ANALYZE SELECT * from new_msr, showed “device, version, and model as tags”, and “score as field”

I don’t know,

why SHOW MEASUREMENTS is not working, and

why SHOW TAG KEYS FROM new_msr is not working

If the keys are NOT FIELD, then it must belong to TAG. Why it is not showing?