Several subscriptions with same login


I have a question, I have configured an influx SaaS subscription through Azure (Microsoft Azure Marketplace). I am now trying to setup a new identical SaaS subscription connected to the same e-mail address.

When I started the subscription, I was asked to configure my account:

When I follow the link I get here:

I, however, already have an active login so I do not need to create a new one.


-Can I use the same login to administrate both subscriptions or will I need to create separate logins?

-Is it a good idea to use the same login to administrate both subscriptions?

Hello @matias,
Thank you for your question. I’m not sure. I’m asking around.

I don’t believe you would be able to use the exact same login email. You may be able to add a “+” suffix to their email so that they can use their same email address. For instance, if the email address was, they could use Email notices would still reach his same email box, but he would have two different account logins for each of the accounts.