New InfluxCloud, cannot log in

I have created a new trial of InfluxCloud. When I log in, either as the user I used to create the Cloud or as a new user I added, I get into purgatory. The screen says:
Authenticated in 1 Organization oauth2/auth0
Default member
Contact your Admin for access

I’m not using my google account for authentication. I have tried a Chrome incognito window and Firefox and I get the same error. I am able to log in with the CLI but I would like to use Chronograf.

If you can send me the email address you signed up with, we can investigate what happened. We can also reset the trial since it clearly didn’t work correctly.

You can DM me here.

Hi Katy, thank you so much for responding! Because this was my trial, I got an email from somebody at Influx asking me how it was going. I told them about my issues. Balaji Palani took a look and found that my super-admin account, which is the owner for this account subscription, had been downgraded. How does this happen?! Weird.

Anyway, I’m back up and running with an extension added to my existing trial and am having fun with Influx. Thank you again for your message. :smiley:

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