Setting up authentication with influxdb

I would like to secure my influxdb. I would like to do the JWT tokens. Looking at the documentation, do I have to first create a user and then generate the token? Once I generate the token, where do I put that in the configuration?

The documentation I am referreing to is Is there a concerete example I can follow?

Hello @rmo,
The shared secret can go anywhere under `[http] in the config file ( or in an env variable


Yes, it looks like the user must be created before a JWT token can be encoded

This issue #2995 has been created in response to your question.

Is this possibility for JWT based auth also in Influx v2 ?

If not:
-is it planned?
-and do you have a PR/issue reference ?

Hello @gotjoshua,
I’m not sure, I’ll ask around and get back to you thank you.