Influx Token Creation

Is there a way to create a token and to specify what that token is instead of it being auto generated?

I know we can do that with the initial admin user with the influx setup -t

Is there a way to do it for other users and tokens as well?
It seems when you run the influx auth create with the -t flag it is looking for a token to actually run the command instead of looking for a string to create the token

It’s not currently supported. I’ve seen requests for it before and (I think) matching responses saying it’s not possible, because the tokens encode some contextual data about the requesting user/org. I could be mis-remembering that though, so feel free to open a feature request against the influxdb repo and we’ll investigate more thoroughly.

Thanks for the response @dan-moran

How do users who leverage the OSS version behind a load balance handle authentication if the token could be different on each host?