Create auth token for specific user with w/r authorization privileges

Dear friends,

I’m using docker compose to setup an influxDB instance for our research group. Now there is the root-admin account and also some other users defined by me.
Now only the admin accounts has it’s all access token, all new tokens generated in the web-interfaces will belong the user “admin”, so I moved to the docker terminal and tried to generate token with CLI for other users.
Well I did generate user specific tokens with this CLI command:
influx auth create --user [username] -d [description] -o [org] --read-buckets --write-buckets --read-dashboards --write-dashboards --read-orgs --write-orgs --read-tasks --write-tasks --read-telegrafs --write-telegrafs --read-user --write-user --read-notificationRules --write-notificationRules --read-notificationEndpoints --write-notificationEndpoints --read-checks --write-checks --read-dbrps --write-dbrps

it contains all privileges provided by the influx CLI, the tokens worked fine basically. But one problem is that the supported flags do not include “–write-authorizations” and “–read-authorizations”, which means that user is allowd to access the data of our organization, but is not allowed to create R/W tokens for his buckets with his own user account.

This is really annoying as “admin” is the only user who is the owner of valid tokens with the authorization priviledges. Is there a way to create a token for a user which also grants him the auth priviledge? Or is there a workaround to change the token ownship from “admin” to another “user”?

many thanks,

does anybody have the same problem?

Hello @scTHU,
This is a known issue and is currently being worked on.
Thanks :slight_smile: