How to create admin login and other login in influxdb

Hi ,

I have just installed Influxdb2 on linux … I have created login using UI .
but now i am trying to create admin login from command prompt ot is giving error …‘Unauthorized access.’

$ influx user create -n abcd-p xxxxx -o 000
Error: Unauthorized access.
See ‘influx user create -h’ for help

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same here . any update or help here please.
in V1 I used to authenticate via CLI: influx -username ‘myuser’ -password 'xxx’
what is the process in V2 ?

solution: Create .influxdbv2/credentials and paste only the token that is created for your admin account / or has rights to create user (write). Works perfect

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So, where do I find the admin token?

It is not working with the tokens I can create under Data -> Tokens.

Same thing here.
Error: Write:users is unauthorized.
CLI interface or python/java client give the same error.
How to create new user account?