_series folder mismatch

We have influxdb running on 2 Servers behind a VIP and use the relay to keep the pair in sync. We uprgaded from v1.4.3 to v1.7.1 and since the upgrade we have noticed that on one of the Servers under within the DB instances folder there is now a folder called “_series” with folders “00 to 07” underneath that.

This structure only appears on one of the Servers and the relay is setup both ways.

What are these folders & why are they not on both Servers?

The _series files were introduced in InfluxDB 1.5 and relate to how indexes work in InfluxDB. You should be seeing this structure for each database you have, by default /var/lib/influxdb/data/<database>/_series/, and they should be appearing on both servers. Can you verify that both instances are running v1.7.1?

When I run the influxd -version command , both are showing v1.7.1

Is it possible something failed on the upgrade on the problem Server?

Is it possible that the Server without the _series files is running influxdb in a different way and indexing is being forced into memory. I can’t see any differences between the conf files on either Server

We have resolved the issue by restarting the instance on influxdb on the Server without the _series folders