Send "integer" and "string" in influxdb


Here is my input file:
commands = [“python /var/opt/data/flat/iumtelegraf/scripts/”]
name_prefix = “”
data_format = “influx”
timeout = “250s”

And the logs:
2018-10-22T13:35:03Z E! Error in plugin [inputs.exec]: metric parsing error, reason: [invalid value], buffer: [ASBC_system,NodeID=ASBC1A CPUUtilization=0,MemoryUtilization=4,HealthScore=100,RedundancyState=active,Sig
nalingSessions=0,SignalingRate(CPS)=0 1540215051000000000]

In fact, influx doesnt seem to accept integers and characters at the same time. I collect a family of counters whose type is different :
RedundancyState = active> String
HealthScore = 100> Integer

Have you faced this problem?

thank you so much