Metric parsing error, reason: [missing tag value]


Hi Team…

I’m Trying to store the data in influx via inline protocol and following all rules of it… buts till im getting below error , Could you please check and confirm me the issue ?

Script output to store in influx DB:

controlm_report,job_name=ABC_XYZ_ABC_ABC_ABC,job_status=“ENDED OK” job_status=“ENDED OK”

Config im Using:

#Shell/commands array
commands = [

Data format to consume. This can be “json”, “influx” or “graphite” (lineprotocol)

timeout = “40s”
data_format = “influx”
interval = “100s”

Error Im getting :

2019-04-19T12:41:05Z E! Error in plugin [inputs.exec]: metric parsing error, reason: [missing tag value], buffer: [controlm_report,Job_Name=,Job_status="" Job_status=""], index: [25]


Here is the output from your script that Telegraf received, there are a couple issues with the line protocol output:

controlm_report,Job_Name=,Job_status="" Job_status=""

Job_Name needs to have a value. On Job_status, it is valid, but you probably don’t want the quotes as they will be part of the value on tags (but are required on string fields).

It looks like something is preventing your script from reading these values so that it matches your expected example above, often this is caused by the scripts being ran as the telegraf user.