Send HTTP POST request to InfluxDB manually with browser


I’m currently using grafana to visualize data from InfluxDB, and would like to use a hyperlink in form of a HTTP request from a dashboard to insert data into the database.

Is something like this possible?

Hi @_OD,
Welcome to the community! So yes absolutely possible as a string value. You would then have to ask grafana to map that string as a URL. I would advise saving your URL as a field rather than a tag as depending on the length of the hyper links and how many you have this can lead to cardinality issues

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Hello Jay,

Thank you for a quick and relevant response. Would it be possible to also send an example, which I could paste into my browser, and which would insert the data? I’m trying to set datalinks for my panels, and by clicking on a specific data point, some information about that point would get passed to the DB, and after would trigger an influx task.

You would need to check for examples with grafana on how to do that. I would just store your URL as a string or tag within influxDB like you are your other fields and tags.