Safely updating influxdb with maintenance update


My influxdb is running and I see on the blog there is an update to 1.7.6. I am on 1.7.4. I am using tsi index not inmem. So I don’t think I really need to update, but if I wanted to, how do I do this? Do I need to stop influx, how do I make sure I do not overwrite my config file which has a couple tweaks like the tsi index, non-default data directory, and wal-fsync-delay. Thanks!


Hi @cuxcrider,
I upgraded recently ,
I did the following

1. Make a backup of all the            
databases using the portable flag,
and make a copy of the configfile
2.stop Influxd
3.install the new version
4.start influxd
5. Influxd config > newconfigfile

You will see that the new install will not overwrite your current configuration file but an extra copy is always good.
Step 5 will merge your existing configfile with the new version parameters, you can then check the new configfile and replace your current one with this generated configfile and restart the database.

Let me know if I overlooked something ,
have a nice weekend