Reading / writing influxdb from R

There are three packages out there influxdb-r, influxdbr, and influxdbr2 for accessing influx from R.

Influxdb-r is the easy one to throw out because it’s old. Influxdbr, though has newer commits than influxdbr2. Surely Influx has a recommended way to read and write data from R. Is it to use the http interface or an R package or what’s the preferred method?

After 6 hours, got data writing to and from R, if anybody is interested, reply.

Hi Jeff,

I am actively maintaining the influxdbr package and would be very interested wether the package does a good job for you.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me or open an issue on GitHub.
Also, if there is anything missing in the package, I would be glad to get some feedback.

You’re right: influxdb-r is outdated and not going to be further developed (AFAIK). influxdbr2 was originally a fork of influxdbr. Most of the features/bug fixes of this fork are now integrated in the influxdbr package (s. GitHub Issue)

Again, any feedback is highly appreciated!