Is there somewhere an example to query data with influxql and R

I am able to use the r package influxdbclient to use flux-language. But how can I use InfluxQL? I am quite lost here. Also looking into the code did not help. There was only onw hint to influxql.

Are there somewhere examples to use it?

@heid.tgg I think to use R to query InfluxDB v2, you need to use the InfluxDB v1 R client. You’ll also need to set up DBRP mappings—definitions that map InfluxDBv1/InfluxQL database and retention policy combinations to InfluxDB v2 buckets.

Using InfluxQL with InfluxDB v2 is made possible using the v1 compatibility API. You have a few options for authorization which are described here: InfluxDB 1.x compatibility API | InfluxDB Cloud (TSM) Documentation

Hopefully this helps.