How should I read InfluxDb from R?


I am using influxdbr to read data from InfluxDb ( in R. I have two questions

1 - Influxdbr only returns first 50 characters from Field, can this behavior change?
Here is my R code:

# Opens connection to InfluxDb
con <- influxdbr::influx_connection(host = "host",
                                      port = 8086,
                                      user = "username",
                                      pass = "password")

# select FileScanner values
fs_values <- influxdbr::influx_select(con = con,
                                      db = "AppStats",
                                      value = "Filename",
                                      from = "GTIF_FS",
                                      limit = 100,
                                      return_xts = TRUE

\abc\abcfmfiles\group\ftp\CRMurexExport\MxCR_20170320_03087.txt will become \abc\abcfiles\group\ftp\CRMurexExport\MxC

2 - Influxdbr seems to be inactive, what is the prefer way to read data from InfluxDb?



@johnyung88 Thanks for reaching out! That InfluxDB-R library is significantly out of date. It should no longer work with the current version of the database.

Luckily it is very easy to access the database via the HTTP API. For retrieving data you need to send a GET /query request with a q=<my_url_encoded_query> query string parameter. We have details in the documentation. Does this help?