Reading CSV Files into Influxdb that are stored on a FTP Server

Hi all,

I am trying to read CSV files on a FTP server (protected with username and password) into Influxdb. These files are produced constantly. I have 1 file for each day plus a the csv file for today, which is filled with data up to now.

Please see below the structure of the csv files:

(s) Date Time Lue01.An.ABL_T.Istwert Lue01.An.ABL_rF.Istwert Lue01.An.ABL_aF.Istwert Lue01.An.ABL_Tp.Istwert
1672876809 05.01.2023 00:00:09 29.8 52.8 14.8 19.5
1672876819 05.01.2023 00:00:19 29.7 52.8 14.8 19.4
1672876829 05.01.2023 00:00:29 29.7 52.9 14.8 19.4
1672928879 05.01.2023 14:27:59 29.7 48 13.4 17.7
1672928889 05.01.2023 14:28:09 29.7 47.9 13.3 17.7

The URL of the files looks like this:


Is there a way to capture this data in indluxdb?

Many thanks in advance!

Hi @Globgogabgalab

Very easy to do with Node-RED. Have you explored that product at all?

Hi @grant1 ,

Thanks for the tip! I am only using the node-red application in my home assistant setup to automate my zigbee lights. Is there a tutorial out there on how to feed that data into influxdb?

Many thanks and best regards

Not that I am aware of, but I will send you via private message a few links and the Node-RED forum folks can probably help you along if you get stuck.

Hi @Globgogabgalab,
You can also use Telegraf for this if you want a more performant solution. I agree though Node-Red is the easiest! I am a massive fan!

Directory Monitor allows you to monitor a specific directory and reads any csv’s you wish to parse there before placing them in a separate directory

Hi @Jay_Clifford ,

Thank you very much for your help! I have checked out the documentation but I am still unsure how to enter the URL/IP and the username/password of the FTP server next to the path.

Can you help me out here?

Ah @Globgogabgalab, sorry that was my misunderstanding.

So there is currently no telegraf plugin which will allow you to read files directly from an FTP server. So i agree with @grant1 I woudl use node-red for the easiest approach and then use the InfluxDB plugin for node red to write that data to influxDB. Otherwise you would need to use the execd plugin of Telegraf and write a custom script to copy over the file and parse in telegraf. Note if telegraf can be run directly on your FTP server then you can use the directory plugin.