Data ingestion continuously


I have a sistem that is sending me csv files every minutes into a folder .
I would like to insert all this data into InfluxDb. My ideea was to use telegraf csv plugin , to listen to this folder and to send the date to the influxDb.
My data are something like that :

888,18/10/2019 8:12:0,0,88,8.16884381E-007,43756.34166741,1.67752512E-006,4169
Using telegraf plugin i did not handle to use any of my date : Date or ExcelTimestamp , to be used like
csv_timestamp_column=“Date” and csv_timestamp_format = “18/10/2019 8:12:0”.
So for this reason i let the csv_timestamp_column ="" and csv_timestamp_format =“unix” and is generating for me a timestamp.
But because my file are not moved after the insertion into the InfluxDb , the telegraf is reading coninuously this files and inserted into Influx.
My question is , it is a way to know or to move the files after the telegraf is inserting them ?
Or maybe a suggestion to use one of my date from the files , like that are uniq and even if telegraf is reading them it will not be inserted into the db .
Any suggestion is appreciate.
Thank you.

If you use the tail plugin instead of file, you won’t reprocess the files at each interval. I think this is the quickest solution for your problem :ok_hand:

It’s exactly what I’ve needed. Thank you very much for your help.