Range: Compilation failed: expected comma in property list, got colon

I’m using an iPad to enter flux queries, and I constantly get this issue:

compilation failed: error at @2:6–2:36: expected comma in property list, got COLON

My second line is:

  |> range(start: 2021-03-01T10:00Z)

I’ve tried using variables and a few other things to work around it. Sometimes retyping it works, but not always.

Am I getting syntax wrong, is this a bug, or is this related to using an iPad?

Hello @Patrick808,
Can you include a stop time?

|> range(start: 2021-03-01T10:00Z, stop: now())

Does that help?

The error is intermittent, but I will try that again. It specifically did not work at least once previously though.

@Patrick808 that’s strange. Please consider filing an issue if you see that behavior a lot. Thanks

Looks like the issue is I need to have seconds; HH:MM does not work but HH:MM:SS does work reliably.