Unknown server error: 500 Internal Server Error if I do not use "|> range()"

With influxdb 1.8.3, using the cli:

influx -type=flux -path-prefix /api/v2/query -format json -execute 'from(bucket:"test_cardinalite/autogen") |> range(start: -150000h) |> count()' work perfectly

influx -type=flux -path-prefix /api/v2/query -format json -execute 'from(bucket:"test_cardinalite/autogen") |> count()' get me a 500 internal Server Error

Can’t we skip the range ?

(note that I should use the “-path-prefix” fix or i get a 404)

Hello @thomasbromkapsdata,
No you can’t skip the range.

So with flux there is any way to ask for all the value whatever the range as before range(inf) or something like that ?

Hello @thomasbromkapsdata,
Sorry for the delay. You can always include a timestamp from very far in the past.
range(start: 1970-08-28T22:00:00Z)