Range does not return data for small range but data exists in DB


we are using you latest docker image for InfluxDB version 2.6.
Time to time we have following issue with quering the data.

Specifyig small date range like one day or week does not return any data but if wide range like few month is specified it returns all the data including data for small date range. E.g range data for small range 31.12.2022 - 15.01.2023 returns nothing but date range 31.12.2022 - 16.1.2023 or greater will return data including data for range 31.12.2022 - 15.01.2023 so the data 100% sure exists in database.

I tried different range format as unix epoch and iso time including miliseconds but none of these changes had effect on result.

I am attaching some screenshost of the query and result from the UI explorer.

Hello @Rootscope,
I believe we’re talking in the slack channel. I’ll continue to follow up there.

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@Anaisdg Hi did not get aby further reply on Slack. Could we somehow dive into the topic because it still happens and we really dont know why and how

Hello @Rootscope,
I’m sorry I wasn’t able to help sufficiently on slack. I really don’t know. I’m asking around.