RAM monitoring in Windows

I’m trying to create, since I can’t find it, a configuration for telegraf that gives basic information on using the machine.
I’m having a lot of problems regarding RAM (actually also on the GPU but let’s tackle one problem at a time).
The parameters that can be monitored via Performance Monitor are the following:
Available Bytes
Cache Bytes
Committed Bytes
Commit Limit
Free & Zero Page List Bytes
Free System Page Table Entries
Modified Page List Bytes
Pool Nonpaged Bytes
Pool Paged Bytes
Pool Paged Resident Bytes
Standby Cache Core Bytes
Standby Cache Normal Priority Bytes
Standby Cache Reserve Bytes
System Cache Resident Bytes
System Code Resident Bytes
System Code Total Bytes
System Driver Resident Bytes
System Driver Total Bytes
I think a lot of this data are superfluous but the biggest problem is that I can’t find a way to get the system’s RAM.
Can anyone help me?

There is an example in the windows perf counters plugin for monitoring those very memory counters:

I probably explained my problem poorly.
The problem is that I can’t find a way to get the system’s RAM.

Heh I’m not sure that adds any more details of what you are after.

I don’t want more details but to know how to interpret the data.
The two most important values to know are the total amount of RAM in the system and how much is occupied.
Both are not present, I think they can be obtained from the data it offers but, despite my efforts, I was unable to find them.

I’ve been looking for it for some time as well. I’m amazed that this basic information is missing. It seems to me, that this plugin is simply incapable of getting both the actual amount of RAM and its usage. Those two are primary counters everyone needs when monitoring.
Are there any other plugins we could get those counters from?

Rather Windows does not provide or offer a performance counter for those items. The plugin, windows performance counters, knows nothing about memory and only reads what you tell it to read based on what Windows exposes.

total amount of RAM in the system
how much is occupied.

We have an entire memory plugin available that provides these:

Definitely better!
Thank you!!!

Now I want to replace all inputs.win_perf_counters.object with direct telegraf plugins!!!

Wait. Why doesn’t it say that it supports Windows? Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful that it does and I’m going to implement it right this moment, but really, why? All it would take is to add “Windows”, the way you did with Linux distros. I was searching for “Windows” and had no match there. This seems like an oversight.