Newbee: Installed telegraf and enabled inputs.mem but cannot read total memory

Dear all,

I am new to influxdb and telegraf and need your help please.
I installed telegraf on my Windows machine. Basically it works well so far.
I can read and and monitor cpu utilization etc. using grafana.
My problem now is I want to obtain total memory and available memory of my windows machine.
I enabled [[inputs.mem]] in influxdb.conf and restarted the telegraf service.
But there is no difference.

Where please I can get total memory and available memory now from?
influxdb still just shows the measurements win_cpu, win_disk, wind_diskio, win_mem, etc.
win_mem does not show total memory and available memory.

So please how to get total memory and available memory and grab it by grafana?

Thanks a lot…


In the win_mem config setting there is an additional option commented out by default

    # Example query where the Instance portion must be removed to get data back, such as from the Memory object.
    ObjectName = "Memory"
    Counters = ["Available Bytes","Cache Faults/sec","Demand Zero Faults/sec","Page Faults/sec","Pages/sec","Transition Faults/sec","Pool Nonpaged Bytes","Pool Paged Bytes"]
    Instances = ["------"] # Use 6 x - to remove the Instance bit from the query.
    Measurement = "win_mem"
    #IncludeTotal=false #Set to true to include _Total instance when querying for all (*).

Change the line #IncludeTotal=false to


Windows Perofmance Counters examples

You can provide other memory based counters by checking the available perf mon metrics on your windows machine.

My config:

     # Example query where the Instance portion must be removed to get data back,
     # such as from the Memory object.
     ObjectName = "Memory"
     Counters = [
       "Available Bytes",
       "Available MBytes",
       "Cache Faults/sec",
       "Demand Zero Faults/sec",
       "Page Faults/sec",
       "Transition Faults/sec",
       "Pool Nonpaged Bytes",
       "Pool Paged Bytes",
       "Pages Input/sec",
       "% Committed Bytes In Use"
     # Use 6 x - to remove the Instance bit from the query.
     Instances = ["------"]
     Measurement = "win_mem"
     # Set to true to include _Total instance when querying for all (*).

Hope that helps

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There are two different input plugins that you can use for Windows monitoring.
Either the plugin inputs.win_perf_counters described above by @philb or the simpler plugin inputs.mem mentioned by you.

The plugin inputs.win_perf_counters is a bit more extensive and complicated in terms of configuration.

If you enabled the plugin [[inputs.mem]] in your Telegraf config, you should see in InfluxDB (if you select the right bucket):

A measurement mem with the following fields:

  • available
  • available_percent
  • total
  • used
  • used_percent


thanks for reply.
@philb: How do I know the available perf mon metrics on my windows machine?
@Franky1: if you select the right bucket - What does that mean please?

You can have several buckets in one InfluxDB 2.0.
If you send the data from Telegraf to an InfluxDB 2.0, you have to specify a bucket.
For a query in InfluxDB or Grafana, of course, the correct bucket must be specified.
I just wanted to express that.

I am not an expert in Windows system monitoring.
But you can display the possible performance counters.
Open a console and run the command typeperf -q
Or write them to a file with typeperf -q > counters.txt
However, the output names seem to depend on the language set in Windows.
So this might not match the settings in Telegraf.

Hi Franky,

thanks again, previously I was on influxdb 1.8.4. Now I migrated to 2.0.4 but since a lot is different I have a problem.
I created a new config using the web based UI. This config I put inside the telegraf folder of my windows machine to measure. I also created a token and set environment variable INFLUX_TOKEN accordingly. Then I restarted the telegraf windows service. So far no problem.
In the UI I can see the bucket but not the measurements I set in the config file:

It seems to me no data is written into influxdb.
How do I get the memory metrics from inputs.mem now?
What metrics are available under inputs.mem for a windows machine?

Yes that could be.

  • Does your TOKEN have write permissions for this bucket? This is a common error.
  • Furthermore please use debug option in Telegraf and check the Telegraf log for error messages.

Hi Franky,

I just copied the token out of the UI - so don’t know if it has write permissions.
Anyway I could get one step ahead.
I got a command from the UI to run telegraf using powershell:

./telegraf --config

This works now.
But for influxdb 1.x I used a windows service to run telegraf.
And if I exit powershell and start the service then I do not get any more data.

I am not familiar with influxdb 2.0, what does this parameter mean?:


Is there any way to get telegraf and influxdb working together using my windows service again?

This way Telegraf loads the config file directly from the InfluxDB instance instead of a local config file.
Hm, this works, but in my opinion not a solution for productive use.
I would stick to getting the config from a local file:

telegraf.exe --config telegraf.conf

But the local config file must of course have the correct entries. Best is to copy the generated config snippets from the GUI into the local config.

Thanks ,

copying the config file from the UI and creating a telegraf.conf worked!