Querying using Python, InfluxDBClient3, pyarrow/grpc raising exceptions

Just moved to InfluxDB Cloud Serverless. This means moving to a new client library.
No I experience some exceptionally weird behaviour.
Executing queries with “GROUP BY”-clause consistently raises exceptions at pyarrow.Flight.
The traceback is as show below, the exact same query executes fine towards or production environment (environments match in setup and differ only in data) so I know there is no faults in the query itself. If I remove some measurements though it works, or if I remove one of the tags that is grouped on.

The ip-address which is mentioned in the error from gRPC is associated with the AWS center which the data is located on.

SELECT LAST(*) FROM “measurement1”, “measurement2”, “measurement3” WHERE time >= ‘2023-07-22 13:53:14’ AND time <= ‘2023-07-22 14:15:53’ AND “organization” = ‘ssrs’ AND “some_id” = ‘0ce620c2-dcab-4521-a3c4-f6352da54cfa’ GROUP BY “organization”, “measurement”, “some_name”, “some_id”, “something”, time(10s) fill(none)

I have tried updating client library version and also downgrading to 0.1.18.
Anybody has had any similar problems and how did you solve them?
This is more a shoutout towards the influx team since I can’t debug it any further to the best of my knowledge.

/.venv/lib/python3.10/site-packages/influxdb_client_3/init.py", line 153, in query
return mode_func() if callable(mode_func) else mode_func
File “pyarrow/_flight.pyx”, line 1070, in pyarrow._flight.FlightStreamReader.read_all
File “pyarrow/_flight.pyx”, line 1073, in pyarrow._flight.FlightStreamReader.read_all
File “pyarrow/_flight.pyx”, line 55, in pyarrow._flight.check_flight_status
pyarrow._flight.FlightInternalError: Flight returned internal error, with message: stream terminated by RST_STREAM with error code: NO_ERROR. gRPC client debug context: UNKNOWN:Error received from peer ipv4: {created_time:“2023-07-26T14:12:44.992317+02:00”, grpc_status:13, grpc_message:“stream terminated by RST_STREAM with error code: NO_ERROR”}. Client context: OK

Can someone within Influx organisation take a look at this since as far as I see there is a bug within your client library.

Hello @Viktor_ingemarsson,
Thank you for bumping! I really appreciate it.
@Jay_Clifford or @bednar do you know?

Hi @Anaisdg,
I have had a call with Viktor directly to discuss earlier in the week. We have realised the issue is on server side and essentially is caused by to many data groupings which kills the query. I believe Chunchub on our end has created tickets to investigate the issue. For now believe we discussed workarounds on the client side.


I am quit new to Influxdb and trying out the examples in preparation for a large project
I encounter the same problem with the census ants and bees example in Python. Is there already a solution for the problem?

Best regards,

I am also getting this error trying out the bees and ants census tutorial

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