Error is - Exception at '=>APPEND<=' in section [TOP] (Empty stack.)

Hello Im trying to a query on influxdb using python and i get an error

raise InfluxDBClientError(self.error)
influxdb.exceptions.InfluxDBClientError: Invalid generated query: returned error is - Exception at ‘=>APPEND<=’ in section [TOP] (Empty stack.)

my query : query_1 = “”“select tag_name,tag_description,unit,status,tag_id,agregation_method, mean(value)
from MVP_2 where (agregation_method = “AVG” ) and time > “2020-02-01T04:09:00Z” and time < “2020-02-01T04:11:00Z”
group by time(1s),tag_id fill(previous)”""

can anyone tell what is the problem with this query ?

Hello @aamer,
First are you using this client?

It supports 1.x. This is the only reliable python client. Please ensure you’re using this query.
Regarding the query, I’m not sure. Do simpler queries work?
Thank you!