Query for show values from day before / Grafana


i search the whole day for about options to show two values (the same value in db) in one grafana dashboard.
The query "SELECT mean("value") FROM "Kesseltemperatur" WHERE $timeFilter GROUP BY time($__interval) fill(previous)" will display the value on actual graph with selected timerange in grafana.
For example when i select an timerange from “last 6 hours” the query is:
SELECT mean("value") FROM "Kesseltemperatur" WHERE time >= now() - 6h and time <= now() GROUP BY time(10s) fill(previous)

Now i need to display the same value from the day before (-24h) in the same graph.
Is there something like a query:
SELECT mean("value") FROM "Kesseltemperatur" WHERE time >= now(-24h) - 6h and time <= now(-24h) GROUP BY time(10s) fill(previous)

I read much about timeshift and so one, but i dont want to upgrade to influx 2.0 to get timeshift feature. I use influx 1.8.9 and grafana v8.1.1.