Grafana dashboard past data is not visible

Hi there,
I noticed that when try to get results in the grafana dashboard with past time range it won’t appear. I expect just updating the time range in the Grafana dashoard would do the job.

However at the time of the run, I can see the data in the same grafana dashboard item.
The data pushing to influxdb from Jmeter.

Just curious whether there is a diffence in the influxQL query when extract past data to Grafana.

Below is one of the dashboard item query I use

SELECT sum("count")  FROM "$measurement_name" WHERE ("application" =~ /^$application$/ AND "transaction" = 'all') AND $timeFilter GROUP BY time($__interval) fill(null)

What I notice here is when go and update $measurement_name manully via varible settings, then the data shows up.

Not sure why we need to do that each time. when look for back dated time range

When the query “doesn’t work” inspect the object to check the query that has been built.

About the variable, it depends… to specify measurement names I use constants and never had issues

if you share something more about your variables/settings I might be able to help

Query inspector looks ok.

This is what I got in my variable settings