Query data from different organization

Dear community,

I would like to create a dashboard with data from a bucket in a different organization and do not want to replicate the data. What would be the correct approach?

Thanks a lot

I haven’t tried it, but I would expect you can simply create another data
source in your second dashboard, matching the data source in the first one, and
then be able to do the query on that. Same data, no duplication, two sets of


Hi Pooh,
thanks for the quick reply!
How exactly would you create another datasource to do that? I see not to able to find the right way.
What I have tried, but persumably is the wrong way, is create another Bucket in the data explore (lets say TargetBucket) in the TargetOrg then got to settings and change the variable “bucket” to query: from(org:“SourceOrg”, bucket: “Source”, token: “ABC”)
|> filter(fn: (r) => r[“Bucket”] == “table_1”)
to(bucket: “TargetBucket”)
But that does not return any data.

Thanks for your help!

I’m sorry - I’m obviously trying to do too many things at once today.

I saw the word “dashboard” in your query and immediately thought I was
answering a question on the Grafana mailing list, not the InfluxDB one.

I’m not familiar with “dashboards” in InfluxDB, so I didn’t make the

Sorry; I hope someone else who is thinking straight can help you :slight_smile: