Change Bucket Organization


we are migrating our InfluxDB 1.x to InfluxDB2. In our 1.x setup we have multiple buckets, each one for a different user, and each user with grants to its bucket. But now, Influx2 introduces the term of organizations, members, etc… Our approach will be to create one organization/bucket for each user, so, they can use the frontend, have limited access to its bucket, can create tokens, dashboards, etc.

The question is: we are migrating from 1.x to 2, with docker, and by default, all buckets are migrated to the default organization. Is there any way to move a bucket to a different organization? I have been searching over the API, but cannot find anything.

Thanks for your help.

Hello @alvarolb,
Please see this thread.

Does it help you?

Hi @Anaisdg,

thanks for the response. I think it is not the same issue. It works for API requests, but does not give access to users over the UI. In this case I need a way to migrate buckets from the default organization created in the migration, to a different organization created for each user. But I cannot see how to move them, or if there is any workaround.