Proxmox metrics over https via reverse proxy (HAProxy) - influxdb-2.1 running in Docker

Hi all,

I am trying to set up the influxdb connection in Proxmox to connect to my instance of influxdb over HTTPS.

Currently, I am just getting “503 Service Unavailable (500)”.

My setup is that I am running influxdb in Docker on port 8086. I then have my reverse proxy (HAProxy) setup to proxy traffic destined to through to the IP of my Docker host on port 8086. It also handles my SSL termination. This is working, and I can access the influxdb web UI via in a web browser.

I now just need to connect Proxmox to my influxdb via HTTPS but I can’t seem to get it to work. In Proxmox I have entered the host as (which resolves to the IP of my reverse proxy), port 443, HTTPS, put in the org name and bucket name, and also my API key. It just says the service is unavailable.

Am I fighting a losing battle here? Is it possible to send metrics info over HTTPS via a reverse proxy to influxdb?