Having trouble with TLS when running InfluxDB on docker

Hi there,

I installed the latest version of the influxdB docker image and created a self-signed certificate on the host, which is a Linux Container (LXC) running on Proxmox. I assigned the following permissions to those files on the host:

sudo chmod 644 /etc/ssl/<CA-certificate-file>
sudo chmod 600 /etc/ssl/<private-key-file>

I mounted the crt and the key file to the /etc/ssl/ of the docker container and defined the environment variables INFLUXD_TLS_CERT and INFLUXD_TLS_KEY pointing to the respective mount point.

I did everything like described in the docs. However connections are getting refused. If I assign 604 rights to the private key on the host machine, the connection can be established. However, giving read permission for the private key to everyone does not feel very good.
Does anybody see my mistake or can push me to the right direction?