Force https upgrade on http connection?

We are attempting to migrate from Influx v1.8 to v2.7. I apologize in advance for my somewhat snarky tone, but it has been extremely painful.

It is vitally important that we run InfluxDB over https. The obvious way to do this should be to use a reverse proxy, but as is well documented, InfluxDB does not play well with a typical nginx reverse proxy setup. We spent most of this week attempting to get that to work and had no luck whatsoever.

We decided to move InfluxDB to its own dedicated Azure VM. This seems rather wasteful, but without a reliable proxy, it was the only way to use the default port 8086 without causing other problems.

We have manually installed a certificate and can now finally access Influx via https on port 8086.

All I want at this point is to “force upgrade” a connection from http to https. i.e. if someone mistakenly uses, I would like it to automatically upgrade the connection to

If we had been able to use a reverse proxy, this would be trivial. Since we cannot, I am at the mercy of the InfluxDB2 documentation, which says precisely nothing about this rather obvious use case.

I’d welcome any suggestions as to how to achieve this.



Is there really no way to do this?

I guess for that you need “DNS redirect” that can be configured from your domain settings.

I have only used InfluxDB on local networks whitout https but back in the day I configured the redirects of my web pages on the domain provider page :thinking:

Thanks for the suggestion, but this is behind a firewall so there is no domain name/DNS to set.